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Known to my close friends as Cait, I spent a short time studying art at Sutton Coldfield’s old School of Art but  I quickly worked out studying was very expensive and eating was good so I am mostly self taught.

I have lived all my life with almost daily migraine and episodic cluster headaches, something that led to an early interest in the problem of theodicy and yes that level of pain places severe limits on me and I cannot do all the things I would like to be able to do.

Pain changes people and rather than let it twist me into bitterness I once again picked up a paint brush. I am currently a part-time student of theology at Queens Foundation in Birmingham where I can indulge in my interest in liberation theology

My art is reflective, drawing from my interest in human spiritual experiences and prayer. I work mostly in watercolour and love to try and capture the unseen moments.  I  have always found drawing to be the easiest  form of communication and acknowledge that there is  a sacred space in which what I share as an artist can meet with what the viewer brings.   Much of my reflective work focuses on the delicate balance between the here and now encountering the other space on the edge of vision hence the name ‘Envisoning the wind’

I am married and live amongst piles of books, too much yarn and assorted rescue rabbits.




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